Service, Support, Maintenance and Repairs

Continuous operation is the key to any successful business. From raw material deliveries coming in for production, to outgoing sold merchandise heading off to customers. Should a delay occur to any part of production, increased costs start to add up, not to mention harming relationships with customers due to not meeting agreed supply times.Reliable efficient door systems are key to the above points and HS Doors maintain this efficiency on behalf of many satisfied customers through ongoing service visits and reactive callout attendance.

Planned Maintenance

All automated doors, shutters, barriers and gates involve the use of motors and complicated electronics. At times either can have operational issues even without operator misuse. Regular maintenance and servicing helps to minimise breakdown as well as increase operational lifespan of any type of hardware. Just like a car or van requires regular servicing, so too do your motorised doors, gates and shutters. Emergency call out repair costs can be expensive, not to mention the inconvenience caused and production downtime suffered as a result. Regular planned service and maintenance to your doors and shutters will minimise the potential for sudden and repeat breakdowns.We can offer planned and adhoc maintenance services for individual and larger chain businesses. Whatever you require we have something to suit your needs, from fixed price service contracts to one off service visits. Inline with current legislation regarding regular checks on machinery in the workplace, HS Doors provide peace of mind for those individuals responsible that their workforce are carrying out their duties in a safe environment.

Reactive Repairs

Regular planned maintenance will only reduce breakdowns and cannot prevent user error, accidental collision or misuse. In the event that a door shutter or gate has become damaged or rendered out of action what do you do next to get your business flowing again or at worse make the door safe? HS Doors are just a phone call away. Not all repairs are urgent but if you feel you need attendance as soon as humanly possible we will provide an ETA according to our engineers locations. If its same day you want then same day you will get. The costs for our attendance will be made clear prior to taking an order to proceed or as per agreed rates set up for existing customers. Once on site our engineers will do everything possible to leave the door fully operational on that initial visit, assuming of course no non stock parts are required. Once your door or shutter has been repaired or made safe a report sheet will be provided highlighting any further works or parts required enabling us to produce a quotation detailing what is required to return your asset to full working order.

Maintenance Support

If you are a company that has a competent maintenance department then you already have the manpower either on site or mobile that could in theory provide basic support to a minor door malfunction. Some breakdowns can be caused by very simple occurrences that are simply corrected without the need of calling out an outside company and accruing unnecessary expense. HS Doors can work with your maintenance staff and provide basic training which can ultimately save you money through giving them the competence to carry out basic minor repairs.

Spare Parts

At our base HS Doors hold stock of varied manufacturers’ consumable spare parts which means we can return to site within a shorter time period from acceptance of a quotation and return your doors gates and shutters to full working order. This means shorter downtimes to production which can be delayed due to waiting for deliveries of parts.

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