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We are leading suppliers & installers of industrial doors in Kent, London and across the South East

HS Doors supplies & Install Industrial Doors in Kent, Essex, Sussex, London and the South East along with installing, servicing and maintaining all types of pedestrian and traffic movement doors, gates, barriers and shutters.

We only supply and install industrial doors that are robust, of the highest quality and designed for high traffic situations. All of our products are designed with security, safety, temperature control and noise implications in mind.

HS Doors provides industrial door solutions that are perfect for a wide range of industries, sectors and different applications. From factories and warehouses to depots and fire stations, you can rest assured that we can supply the correct solution for your industrial door requirements.


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Industrial Doors Kent

What are industrial doors?

Industrial doors are usually larger versions of standard range of shutters that you would find installed on the front of a shop or commercial building etc. These large form factor doors are ideal for a range of larger buildings such as warehouses, barns & agricultural buildings, manufacturing depots, fire stations, hangers and storage facilities.

Industrial doors come in a wide range of varieties including:

  • Swing Lip Dock Levellers
  • Telescopic Dock Levellers
  • Curtain Dock Shelters
  • Compression Dock Seals
  • Inflatable Dock Shelters
  • Dock Houses
  • Sectional Overhead Doors
  • Roller Shutters
  • Fire Shutters
  • High Speed Doors
  • Air Doors

F.A.Q’s about Industrial Doors

Why should you use industrial doors on your premises?

Getting new doors for your site will pay be the best decision you make long term. Industrial doors will provide needed security to your building while keeping structural integrity. Industrial doors are the ideal choice to protect assets such as vehicles, stores/warehoused goods and commercial assets within your premises.

Industrial doors can be installed into a wide range of building including  warehouses, factory sites, schools, shops and delivery centres, basically any commercial establishments that require large incoming and outgoing goods.

Looking to get new Industrial Doors Installed?

If you’re considering new Industrial doors for your building or plan on upgrading existing equipment in place look no further than HS Doors. We believe that installing the right type of industrial door with the correct site specific controls and safety devices is key to minimising damage to stock and reducing downtime, safeguarding your day to day operations.

There are a wide variety of industrial doors to choose from, one example would be air doors used to maintain climates within a building and reduce any spread of dust and moisture around the site.

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Already using industrial doors and need maintenance work done?

If you are already up and running with existing equipment then we are only a phone call away from carrying out an emergency repairs or attending to planned servicing and maintenance. HS Doors offer our services to any manufacturer’s equipment all across Kent and the South East.

Regular planned maintenance will only reduce breakdowns and cannot prevent user error, accidental collision or misuse. In the event that a door, shutter or gate has become damaged what do you do next to get your business flowing again?

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Find Out More About Our Industrial Doors

Swing Lip Dock Leveller

Key Features of Swing Lip Dock Levellers:

  • Fully compliant with BS EN 1398.
  • 6000KG or 10000KG single axle load.
  • Can be supplied for traditional pit mounting, suspended pits or box style for casting in.
  • Lip length 400mm – 500mm.
  • Single button operation.


The push button is pressed which raises the platform to it’s maximum height at which point the leveller lip will swing out. Once the button is released the platform will descend onto the vehicle bed.

To park the leveller the button is pushed again and the platform rises. The lip will swing back underneath the platform and the button can be released allowing the leveller to descend into it’s parked position.

Industrial Doors Kent

Telescopic Dock Leveller

Key Features of Telescopic Dock Levellers:

  • Infinite control over extending lip for the most demanding loading scenarios.
  • Fully compliant with BS EN 1398.
  • 6000KG or 10000KG single axle load.
  • Can be supplied for traditional pit mounting, suspended pits or box style for casting in.
  • Standard lip lengths of 500mm or 1000mm.


The platform is raised by pushing the up button. The lip is then extended to the desired length using the lip extension button. Then by pressing the down button the platform will descend on to the vehicle bed.

Industrial Doors

Curtain Dock Shelter

Key Features of Curtain Dock Shelters:

  • Curtains manufactured from a woven material, coated with black PVC, giving the curtain high resistance to tearing.
  • Can be supplied with fixed steel or collapsible support frame to reduce the risk of damage from misaligned vehicles.
  • Marker stripes to assist with the aligning of reversing vehicles.

Options Available:

  • Split head curtains.
  • Numbering.
  • Bottom corner pads.
  • Shelter support brackets.
Industrial Doors

Compression Dock Seal

Key Features of Compression Dock Shelters:

  • Foam cushion pads, covered in tear resistant fabric mounted on galvanised steel backing plates.
  • Velcro backed for easy, cost effective replacement.
  • Marker stripes to assist with the aligning of reversing vehicles.

Options Available:

  • Inflatable head seal to accommodate wider range of vehicle heights.
  • Tapered pads to accommodate yard slopes.
  • Wear pleats to increase abrasion resistance

Inflatable Dock Shelter

Key Features of Inflatable Dock Shelters:

  • Fully inflatable head and side seals to accommodate wide range of vehicle widths and heights.
  • Seals constructed from high tear resistant Cordura.
  • Insulated side panels.

Options Available:

  • Dock mounted or ground mounted units.
  • Heavy duty galvanised support brackets.
  • Profiled details to accommodate various building details.
Industrial Doors

Dock House

Key Features of Dock House:

  • Self contained loading bay enclosure to suit all types of loading bay equipment.
  • Bespoke design to suit all types of operation and buildings.
  • Only minor building works required for installation.

Options Available:

  • Can be supplied with single skin cladding and every thickness up to 200mm.
  • Can be fixed at angle to building or any configuration required.
Industrial Doors

Sectional Overhead Door

Key Features of Sectional Overhead Door:

  • Insulated, double skin cladding panels.
  • Track configurations to accommodate all structural and headroom details.
  • Doors purpose made to size.
  • Manual or electric operation.
  • Safety devices comply with EN 13241.

Options Available:

  • Wide choice of RAL colours.
  • Several glazing options.
Industrial Doors

Roller Shutter

Key Features of Roller Shutter:

  • Cost effective way to secure door openings.
  • Available with insulated or uninsulated lath.
  • Can be manufactured to all sizes.

Options Available:

  • Wide choice of RAL colours.
  • Perforated lath.
  • High security options available.
Industrial Doors

Fire Shutter

Key Features of Fire Shutter:

  • Up to 4 hours fire resistance.
  • Suitable for all types of opening.
  • Fully controlled descent.
  • Manual or electric operation.

Options Available:

  • Audio visual control panel.
Industrial Doors

High Speed Industrial Doors

Key Features of High Speed Door:

  • Suitable for all applications.
  • Speeds up to 2.5M/Sec.
  • Long life/low maintenance.
  • Soft bottom edge.

Options Available:

  • Cleanroom applications.
  • Atex compliant if required.
  • Emergency escape doors.
  • Soft or rigid door blades.
  • Wide choice of standard colours.
Industrial Doors

Air Doors

Key Features of Air Doors:

  • Total climate separation.
  • Prevents dust, odour, moisture and flies.
  • Unrestricted access to door opening.
  • Low risk of damage from traffic.
  • Seal openings up to 7.0M x 7.0M.
  • Bespoke design for each application.

Options Available:

  • Compact versions for small openings.
  • Igloo versions for freezers.
Industrial Doors

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