The Toughest High Speed Rubber Door Available

The PerforMax™ MaxSpeed™ combines industrial strength with high speed, giving you an unbeatable high-performance commercial door. With a direct-drive motor, springless design and heavy-duty curtain, this door is purpose-built for continuous operation. Without counterweights, tension springs, hinges, pulleys, or straps, downtime and maintenance is minimized for your operation to run smoothly. With the durable curtain, steel guides, and breakaway wind-lock system, the MaxSpeed™ is up to any challenge.

Breakaway System

Flexible curtain releases from guides upon accidental impact with breakaway system.

Easy to Use

Self-diagnostic display and easy-to-use direct variable frequency drive control panel.

Airtight Seal

Dual-loop safety edge for an airtight seal.


  • Impactable design reduces maintenance and repair costs and decreases downtime.
  • SAFE, springless operations eliminates safety concerns associated with springs.
  • Fast operating speeds reduces air infiltration which leads to reduced energy costs.
  • Increases productivity and traffic flow due to quick acting door functionality.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on RhinoMax rubber curtain.
  • 72 Hour quick ship on even foot widths from 8″ to 16″.


  • Flexible curtain release from guides upon accidental impact with breakaway system.
  • Simple springless design with only five moving parts provides reliability and longevity.
  • Direct variable frequency drive control panel: self-diagnostic display and easy to use, mounted with clearly marked OPEN/CLOSE/STOP.
  • Duel loop safety edge for an airtight seal.
  • 1 million cycle standard rating on drive system.